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We have always combined the power of radio with that of the web and social networks to give visibility and importance to your business.

Radio and digital (websites and social networks) are by far the most growing advertising media.

E Malayalam Global Radio Station

Radio Station

You could goal your advertising and marketing to a particular target audience. Exceptional radio stations have distinct formats, from information/communicate to oldies to rock. Determine who you are attempting to attain (teens, households, city guys, suburban moms), after which pick out the radio format that reaches your target audience. A advert on radio is frequently less expensive than a television ad and less complicated to supply. Radio ads may be produced right away, in contrast to television advertisements. And in contrast to magazine print advertisements, you do not need to wait for the subsequent issue to pop out. Cons

While a reader can cut out your print advert and shop it for later use, a radio ad could be very ephemeral, gambling over the radio for a minute or much less. Morning and evening commutes are key times when many corporations need their advertisements to run, and there are handiest such a lot of spots to go around. This can force up the cost for those preference time slots. Radio can often be background noise. You may want to run your advert various instances in order for it to make an effect. Guidelines

If making a decision to go with radio marketing, there are a few things a good way to assist make it greater effective.

Radio commercials have interaction listeners by using constructing a 30- or 60-2nd tale, preserving the services or products being sold at the forefront at some point of, protecting all of the key factors in an efficient and entertaining way and completing with a name to action such as a smartphone variety. If you may be writing the advert your self, ensure to apply casual language and write the manner you communicate. The proper pacing is likewise critical; seeking to cram too much into your ad will simplest make you appear pushy. Include the right pauses, simply as if you have been speaking to the customers directly.

Remember that human beings listening to your ad are in all likelihood doing some thing else on the same time, like driving of their cars or doing family chores. Because of this, repeat key statistics together with your enterprise name and the call of the product or service you’re promoting. allow them to realize the decision to movement is coming, and then repeat your smartphone quantity or net deal with as a minimum three instances.

The song and tone of the ad need to additionally suit the station the advert might be airing on. for instance, if you’ll be shopping for time on a rock music station, you don’t want to apply a country jingle to your advert. It additionally will pay to pick the right sort of station or programming, and make sure it is a good suit with your client base.

E-Malayalam Audience Metrics

Audience : A total combined audience of over 20 MILLION Listeners and Visitors per year, E-Malayalam Global is available on the Internet and phone networks with free mobile device app (EMG App - iOS and Android).

Reach : Available everywhere around the world. Currently over 200 countries listen and log-on every day.

Top Locations : Please note that Locations vary daily and you can watch our stats in real time as listeners tune-in and visitors log-on around the world. These Countries, States, Cities are often in the Top 10.

Radio Advertisement

Radio Advertising is among the form that is oldest of entertainment. Radio offers an advertising that is fantastic for small businesses. It is additionally effective and affordable means of advertisements. Once we spend additional time on the roads, its normal to modify radio on for some entertainment and news.


There are lots of Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil well as other language stereo there are RJ’s and DJ’s well worth tuning into. There is a range that is broad of for type and length of radio commercials. Advertising on radio may be Influential, cost effective, flexible. During the time that is same can be competitive medium, higher reach, anytime anywhere,

Benefits of Advertising in E-Malayalam:

  • Reach New  Global / International Customers 

  • Build Top of mind awareness

  • Generate New Business

  • Promote a Positive Global Image through our Listeners 

  • Stay ahead of competition

Execution Details needed for Radio Advertising

  •  Time Slot

  •  Days/Week

  •  Creative Length

We will offer;

  • Free script writing services to create your perfect radio advertising message

  • Targeted advertising station and programme options for most advertising stations

  • The opportunity to endorse radio station competitions and events

  • No obligation campaign recommendations, insight and full creative.

  • Specialist knowledge and expertise

  • Free analytics report & ongoing support.

Targeting Options:

Ads Frequency:

A radio ads needs to air times that are multiple it sinks in with the listener. A commercial that airs times being multiple a day includes a better possibility of reaching the listener than a commercial that only airs several times in a week.

Audience: Exactly like with every advertising you create, you have to know your market. Remember which sort of listener you need to reach out. Could it be for B2B or B2C, nationality, teenagers and more classifications can be found to pick from?

Our aim is to provide our partners the very way that is better to utilize Radio Advertising as a standalone advertising opportunity to effectively target your market. Get in contact with us for Radio Advertising Deals. Contact our Marketing cheif -